Can an estate agency charge me (tenant) fees? Am I being ripped off?

    So I'm looking to rent a shop, everything is fine I just need to pay my deposit and the property is secured.

    I've never done anything like this before so I just wanted to get some feedback.

    The rent is £500/m - The estate agent wants £450 straight away (£350 for an admin charge and £100 towards the rent)
    Then prior to moving in he wants another £900 to put in some sort of scheme just in case I mess up the shop before leaving. So £1350 in total, £350 for the agent and £1000 as a deposit which he says is refundable I when I leave if everything is OK.

    So yeah I reckon I'm getting a good deal as far as the property is concerned but I just wanted to see if this is common practice.

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    Unfortunately admin fees are legal and a total rip off. £350 is steep, well certainly for a residential property, not sure about commercial. I paid £250 on my house and I thought that was steep.

    £900 will be the bond to cover any damage done, again totally legal. Make sure he puts it into a scheme though as he is breaking the law if not.

    Also check premises with agent and make notes/take photo's on condition of it to protect your bond.

    As Yorklass says..take lots of photos. A friend was charged for a new socket (which was chipped when he moved in, but didn't photograph as he wasn't going to use it in a spare room), nearly £180. They used their own electrical contractor and could cross charge what they like. This came off his deposit. The socket faceplate costs less than £2!

    Make sure they agree all alterations that you are planning to make in the shop in writing or email.

    You're paying half of what I paid and I was moving into a flat, not a shop.

    All fees are legal. Scotland got it right and basically outlawed a lot of the ridiculous fees, making agencies charge only what it costs for things like credit checks.
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