Can an xbox 360 play all original xbox games

the reason i am asking is the wife wants crazy taxi and i would rather get a 360 then get the original xbox. I've read that you need the hard drive to play original xbox games on the 360 ??

Anyone know if crazyt taxi will be ok ?

I am looking to get an ixtreme one if that helps




certain games work and others dont ill have a see if i can find the guide for ya.

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well all she is worried about playing is crazy taxi....if that one is not supported then i would just go for the original xbox which would be much cheaper anyways

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i had a look at that list earlier and didn't see it on it...thanks anyways

Xboxes (original) are available for about 10 quid from gamestation, even cheaper in a boot sale. Some xbox compatiable titles play on a 360 , but suffer from slowdown or crash altogether.

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thanks for all the info...think i will just get her an to the FS/FT board now
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