Can any bakers recommend a single electric oven? (Cooks evenly)

Posted 28th Oct
Oven just died (I could repair it - but was never happy with it - uneven cooking)

All I want is an oven that cooks evenly, not just baking cakes but oven chips/wedges and pizzas.

I do a lot of bread and buns and fed up with burning on one side.

Anyone have any recommendations for even cooking (max budget is 300ish if that is possible)
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Electric oven would help, maybe look at ones with either a camera inside or a nice window to peek in, would say any electric will be good
Lords Electrical have a Neff oven for £319, which seem to be pretty well regarded for baking (at least, they're the ones they use on Bake Off :p). Otherwise I'd probably be looking at the Beko range.…ven
£296.65 Samsung NV70K1340BB / £380 @ Currys…bFp
Problem with an electric oven is the recovery time (when you put your bread /cakes etc in the oven the temperature drops. This is the time to recover to baking temperatures) is so long. A gas oven recovers quicker.
An electric fan oven has a more even heat. This fan movement is not so good for baking.
A solid base oven is best, but very expensive.
Just some pointers.
Most home ovens are not good, even fan assisted. At the price you want to pay it’s not going to happen I paid a grand for my oven and it’s still not anything to shout about. To get even cooking good recovery time and no heat loss you want a combi oven. Rational are some of the best but you need a big space and £5000 for a small one, you can get other makes from about £4000. But these ovens are good. Or a pizza oven maybe.

This is just my opinion, and 28 years in professional kitchens... like anything you pay for what you get...
Disraeli28/10/2019 13:57

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It would depend on size of op kitchen and electrics. If you have the money and space why not....
Hotpoint SA2540HBL

Personal recommendation. I bought this model 4 months ago after my last oven went capput, got mine from AO on eBay for £199 delivered and the old one taken for recycling (they charge for this if you buy from their website)

Spreading the cost with PayPal Credit too so paying less than £10 a month.

It's electric (with a plug, not hardwired) fan and has built in settings automatic programmes for bread and cakes, self clean and many others.

The bread program starts from cold, and you add water to well in the bottom for a mini prebake prove and crust forming.

Cakes bake from cold too so no loosing temp when you open the door.

Light on/off, timer, audible temp reached beep/end of programme.

We're a family of 5 so have three shelves in ours, cooks evenly throughout, put a pizza on each shelf Saturday night, all ready at the same time with no swapping about. Last oven had to shelf shuffle every few minutes.

Very happy to recommend.
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Disraeli28/10/2019 14:23

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Using one of those at the moment. Op said £300 max if possible. I couldn’t recommend a oven at that price what cooks even....
We bought a Smeg Spf485N a few years ago and are extremely happy with how it cooks.

And to top it off its self cleaning, which is a bonus.

I don't believe they produce the specific model any more but might be worth looking at the equivalent, I think it was about £400 though in offer.
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