Can any body help with WW1 clothing idea's?

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Found 5th Dec 2014
My Children have to dress up as People from ww1. I don't want to spend a fortune on some thing that can be worn for an hour. Have any of you purchased good costumes from any where cheap or idea's of where to buy things to do it myself at home. Many thanks.

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How about dark school pants, a white/off white shirt and a vest for a boy?
If you have a daughter you could dress her up as a voluntary nurse? Skirt, plain blouse and an apron?

Put children's clothing 1900 into Google for ideas
Looks like the boy can get away with a flat cap and braces on trousers, waistcoat and shirt
Girls look like frilly dresses and a straw hat would do, both wearing lace up boots if you can

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Thank you. Looks like the Christmas shopping is on hold whilst we go out and look for all this! Thanks for all of your help.

Did they have gas masks in ww1 ?
A small brown cardboard box on a string like a handbag , everybody had to carry one I think .
Boy in shorts and long socks , white or grey school shirt and tank top?
Girl in plain or floral dress with long socks or tights.
Boys hair parted and smartly combed down
Girls hair in plaits or combed down , ribbons in plaits
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