Can any of you Mums or Dads recommend a bath toy?

    Can any of you helpful peeps on HUKD recommend a bath toy for my one year old Nephew please. Ideally I'm looking for a toy that you can pour water and and theres lots of moving parts etc.. Any ideas????


    I got this for my little one, still loves playing with it…tml

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    cheers wonkey... I'm looking for something a bit bigger that may go across the bath if thats possible.. If not...something like this but a lot more features.


    I got this for my little one, still loves playing with … I got this for my little one, still loves playing with it[url=][/url],default,pd.html

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    haha.. Cheers badass.. I'm looking but can't seem to find anything. Anyone else got any ideas??

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    Cheers mKc.. I liked the octopus but the reviews say mildew builds up inside the Octopus.. hmmm...what shall i do???


    These items seem to have good … These items seem to have good reviews[][/url][]$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:3491764%7Ccat:toys+and+games+%2F+clearance+toys+and+games+%2F+film+and+tv+toys+%2F[/url]

    this gets used by my littlun and eldest!…8-1

    i paid a lot less for it than that.

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    Cheers splat..I'll have a look...anyone else got any ideas please??

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    Sorry link doesnt work, you need to copy and paste it all including numbers and brackets. x
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    yes those octopals builds up stuff inside ive had to chuck all of my lo's away :(. have now got the whirly washer thing will see what thats like on thursday when she opens it for bday :D.... also if you find anything similar to the first post please let me know as i want something similar to
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