Can any one help me out with Xbox 360's???

Found 10th Oct 2008
i want one of these, preferbly the 60gb premium one.
I would like to know...
---Is the elite worth the extra money.
---What is the best possible deal on the 60gb premium console bundle or on its own.
---I have a student card, £2.50 amazon voucher and amazon prime!

Its a tricky one, but im sure someone will be able to help me out!

Cheers, dan x
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Just wanted to bump this one up for you 'cos for Christmas my son also wants an Xbox but I can't decide which one and what is the best deal. Are there going to be better deals closer to Christmas ...

thtas what im thinking, i want one now though!... im thinking i should have held out till the evening as more computer geeks seem to be around then lol! cheers anyway Appledore (Y)
your not allowed to do that i dont think.
I found that the elite has got rid of all the glitches, which I found in my old Xbox. Bigger memory and just looks more sexy lol

Just annoying things like, when I played guitar hero and decided I wanted to play another game, when I went to change the controller I had to switch the xbox off in order for it to register that I was no longer playing the guitar, even when the guitar was switched off. I don't need to do that with the elite
360 sucks mackay you sell out lol
If it was me I would simply go for the 60gb over the elite.
The elite includes a hdmi cable and adapter, and has twice the hdd capacity, and that all there is difference (aside from colour).
Argos do the pro with halo 3 for £169.99:

or for the same price you can get it with gears of war classic, or halo 3 at amazon, and use your voucher and prime:
get an older model with a benq drive that you can flash and get your games for next to nothing (for example you can get games for £4 instead of £40 sometimes weeks before release!

i'm not trying to advertise or anything by the way, just saying that is by far the cheapest way!
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