Can any1 recommend a cheap Iphone Insurance

    Can any1 recommend a cheap Iphone Insurance.

    Thx for your time!


    mine is covered through my contents insurance

    £88 a year from here: - thats for the 3GS 16GB.

    I have the most basic barclays current account ( no charges or anything) and they will upgrade me to the next bank account (the not quite as basic one!) for £5 per month that includes mobile phone insurance Inc the iPhone. I'll find the link later as at work.

    It's the Barclays Current Account Plus:

    Current Account Plus 16.9% EAR typical variable. Looking for an account that combines flexibility and value? Try Current Account Plus. It gives you up to £213 of annual benefits for only £5 a month.

    >Mobile phone insurance 1
    >Identity Support Advice Line
    > Extended warranty cover
    > Interest-free overdraft 3…790

    There are other accounts as well that give you more bens but obv pay more per month

    I spoke to my Broker re adding mobile to the Household insurance and he recommended cheaper and better in the long run to take either a standalone insurance or one linked to bank account. Reason being, one claim on the ihousehold nsurance for the phone, and it'll [probably] affect your prems for future rnls

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    Cheers All. H & R added to everyone.

    Yer what mel said fiver a month is what i use also
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