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Can anybody confirm type of this property please? End of Terrace or Semi Detached?

Posted 23rd Jul 2013
Need to no for contents insurance we believed end of terrace but now think otherwise could anyone please confirm. thank you picture attached imageshack.com/i/5…07j

My house is the painted one, attached to my house is the room over the car entrance and this is part of next doors house.
There is no house attached to next door.
And nothing attached to the other side of me.
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Semi detached means two houses stuck together....end of terrace means you are the end house of a row of three or more houses..
If next door isn't attached to anyone then I would definitely say semi detached.
does it not state on your deeds? what about mews??
if only it was owned by me and not me renting it lol i would have the deeds to look at. hmmm
should be in your tenacy agreement then??? or ring your landlord?
I'd say semi-detached. Check your postcode with Zoopla or Rightmove and see how the property is described.
ok helpers some more info... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=36076325&sale=13136327&country=england

Sale Date Property Price Paid Source
28 Mar 2003 Detached, Freehold (New Build) £156,950 Land Registry

but then also described as... Rightmove property details as of January 2012
3 bedroom end of terrace house

cheers guys
as it says end terrace and detached id ring landlord to check so your insurance documents are correct.

im puzzled by the detached as it doesnt stand alone.
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Ok Terrabytes ive not seen that one on drop down selection box for contents insurance..

as it says end terrace and detached id ring landlord to check so your … as it says end terrace and detached id ring landlord to check so your insurance documents are correct.im puzzled by the detached as it doesnt stand alone.

confused.com lol thanks for your help, will ring tomo to find out for def
Thanks for the replies guys. Think be best to ring agent tomorrow to get a definite answer. cheers again
I'm an Estate Agent in Crawley.
If we are talking about the one on the right, then it's a link detached. If the property also has the room over the gap then it has what is called a "Flying freehold"
Hope this helps
Hi Paul, Thanks for your input, It is the property on the left in question?
Yeah, but is the room over the car entrance yours or part of the other house?
Looking at it via the street view on the listing, the white clad section over the car entrance definitely looks like it's part of the left sided house.

I'm sure this is referred to as link detached, as it's not built completely against the other single house.
the room over car entrance is not mine, but next doors
Mate, I'm no property expert, but after reading up a little there, I'm now just as confused as you are.

Apparently linked refers to them being joined, but only at ground level, which these aren't.

Linked houses are "row-houses" or a "semi-detached houses" that are linked structurally only in their foundations. Above ground, these houses appear to be detached houses. Linking up their foundations cuts the cost of constructing them.
Wahey we are getting somewhere... however good job i didnt need to make a claim last year as i stated it EOT. NUMPTY
it is semi detached as there are two houses on one plot and not a terrace of houses.
Ring or email a few insurance companies, i can pretty safely say that even they will have differing definitions for what they choose to classify it as.
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