Can anybody get turbo-charged cheetah?

Found 18th Feb 2009
tried this about 6 times now and i keep getting rocketing rabbit. Who the hell wants to be a rabbit when you can be cheetah!!!!!!
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i'm a bobbing bobcat
lol, and i thought i was bad.

Might resize the pic, didnt realise it was going to be that big :?
outdone by sheep :-(, instead of a tranq button should be a build an electric fence button

i'm a bobbing bobcat

lol same
played the game 10 times already lol got bobbing bobcat afew times and sluggish snail
hmm well rocketing rabbit http://snag.gy/ZtLq3.jpg

hmm well rocketing rabbit

^ Did it take you more than five years to find a web page describing how to take an image from the screen?

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