Can anybody help me?

    Has anybody got a USA psn account that I can borrow to download the god of war 3 demo..
    rep will be left!


    set one up yourself its really easy.

    google is your friend.

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    Well I tried on psn store but it wouldn't let me change the country..

    yes follow the guide, you create a new user rather than changing an existing one.

    Original Poster

    Managed to create one, but can't find the god of war demo

    if its out today it wont be up yet, i didnt see it last week. so i assume its up tonight.

    where did you find out about the demo? usually the uk stoer is around 5pm give or take an hour
    and the US store gets updated after midnight tonight sometime.

    so might be better off checknig back in the morning.
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