Can anyone advise me about MYSpace please?

    Hi - I have just signed up to this but am not working it very well. My full email address is in my profile page and I did n't choose a name to go under. I have n't made any posts yet. I don't really want eveything I post on having my full name on it or a link to my proper email address. Is there any way you can choose a stage name for this and how do I do/change this? And what exactly do other readers see when I post? Thanks very much


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    next to your pic on the right hand side, click edit profile.
    Click personal info
    Then in small blue writing 1 third of the way down the screen click name.
    You can change the name that appers to everybody else.

    I think thats what u wanted, let me know if it isn't.

    But why myspace, no one uses it anymore!

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    there is a group on there I wanted to jon

    why doesn't anyone use it anymore? what is the alternative?


    facebook is the way forward these days.

    Mysapce was the in thing about 3-4 years ago, everyone seems to use FB now
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