Can anyone advise where I can get a 60 - 80 GB External HDD on the high street?

Just after a cheap one really to use on the Wii? Need to buy one today, all help appreciated!



Not sure anyone makes one that small nowadays. My guess is about 250Gb is the smallest you will get.

You could always buy an empty hard disk enclosure from say PC World and put an 80Gb hard drive in that.

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That might be a bit technical for me! I have a 250gb which I have to keep for work, but when I tried plugging it into the wi, it just mad a clicking noise and didnt register, I thought it maybe that it was too big?

I thought that if I bought another 250gb , the same problem may occur?

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an 80gb one or 250gb?

Staples is worth a look ,

Is this to play "backup" games from your HDD? This may help…ve/

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Many Thanks for all your info, I shall take a look!

Yep, for back up games.

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