Can anyone advise where to park near Blackpool Pleasure beach, all day (8-10 hours) parking on Wednesday?

Found 12th Aug 2013
Anything less than the £10ish they will charge at the Pleasure Beach would be welcome, Thanks
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There's lots of streets nearby that are resident permit holders only. Bonny St car park is ok, not sure how much it is but I think all day is cheaper than £10. It's next to the Police HQ and Coral Island so is about half a mile from Pleasure Beach but it's not a bad walk.
In fact, just had a look online. Seems Blackpool Council have put the price up on this car park to £9 for 8 hours. Not worth paying a pound less than the Pleasure Beach, you may as well park there for the convenience! Apparantly there is some on street parking if you go past the Pleasure Beach to the streets around the big blue hotel but get there early.
We are just back from a week in Blackpool and the street we were staying in had no Parking Restrictions at all (Station Road) and we always managed to find a space (perhaps have to drive round the block a few times.

Station Road is directly opposite the South Pier and literally a one minute walk to the Pleasure Beach.

If convenient, the best time to arrive would probably be 9.30-10.00am as this is when most people leave their Accommodation if checking out.

If you don't mind a five minute walk you can park on the streets south of the pleasure beach for free.
We went last year (and about 12 years ago) and parked for free all day in the same spot. If you approach from the South shore there are a load of hotels along on your right. Before you get to the pleasure beach (I think just before the big blue hotel) there is a road just set back in front of hotels. If you get there about 9.30 its free. It was about a 15/20 minute walk but it was fine and most of it was past the funfair/seaside shops anyway so there was plenty to see and well worth the saving.
Park around Watson road park. Its about 5 minutes walk and its free all day and night,everyday.
Not sure of the road but its opposite the small tesco 2 min walk from the town and everything. We pay 5.50 for 24 hours, obviously cheaper if you didnt want to stay that long. If not park in the residential street more towards the pleasure beach free of charge, but you got to be there early or you wont get a space
Thanks to everyone for the comments. Really appreciated. We might even get free parking
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