Can anyone answer this mobile phone question?

Found 25th Mar 2009
Hi, I have an old (brick) mobile phone 10 years at least, I still have all the accessories, the other day I thought I would plug it in, charge it to see if it still worked, well, I left it on charge all night & the next day it wouldn't power up, I thought the battery must be dead, so then I tried switching it on with the power supply attatched & switched on, and this bit surprised me, it still wouldn't power up, I thought the mains would be fine powering the phone, so now I'm wondering, & this is my question, can a power supply unit power a mobile phone even if the battery is exhausted, or is the phone broke? I left the battery on the phone when switched on to the power supply, just in case someone wonders if I took the battery off.
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Totally depends on the phone model make.

Battery would be screwed now.

any battery that old will be dead as a dodo
put it on ebay you may be suprised
If its a battery thats Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) then they do dry out, its best to charge them at least every 6 months to stop this happening...

You might still be able to buy a new battery for it, if you do want to use it
I got a fair few quid for my Motorola Startac when i sold it a few years ago,back in the day it was a sought after phone,one of the first flip phones as i recall.
Maybe the PSU's dead? I found my old Ericsson phone the other day, thats over 10 years old, hit the power button and on it came. Can't say the same for the old Nokias that were stored in the same box :lol:
I had an old 5110 battery do this, just bought a new one off ebay works fine now
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Thanks for your help & reply's people, rep left for you. I didn't think about it possibly being a faulty PSU, I suppose it could well be, I will try it in something else & then if it's ok, order a new battery off ebay, I have seen somone selling battery's pretty cheap for the phone, a bosch 509e.
I think it got killed at the part where you left it to charge all night...not 100% sure though
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Well I did try after an hour or two of charging, but nothing, so left it on overnight, only about 8 hours.


I think it got killed at the part where you left it to charge all … I think it got killed at the part where you left it to charge all night...not 100% sure though

Any one know what causes the Bosch 509e not to turn on..I have three of them with the same fault dedpite a new battery.
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