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Found 24th Nov 2007
can a wii be used with a rear projection lcd tv?i know time crisis could not be played with gun on a rear projection tv with a light gun . but i dont know if the wii controller works the same on a rear projection lcd tv

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sure it does. the remote works via infa red using the sensor bar.

Im assuming it would work as with the Wii, you get the sensor bar which is used for the infa-red on the controller, and the controllers are controlled via Bluetooth technology. Hope this help!

Yes, the controllers will work fine - it doesn't work with the actual display technology as light guns used to, the controllers themselves have internal mechanisms to detect their 3D movement and then a sensor bar on the TV allows the controller to tell how far away it is from the TV.


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cheers for that very helpful


You're not actually supposed to use consoles with rear projection TV's it … You're not actually supposed to use consoles with rear projection TV's it says in the console manuals, as they suffer from image burn.

i know that was true for crt versions, is it the same for lcd versions?

whats the difference between crt and lcd.i have a toshiba rear projection and it doesnt have a glass screen if that helps am i alright using my wii
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