Can anyone beat the price of these pc setup's


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    sorry should mention im after a pc along the above specs not the exact spec if it can be done

    No - but I would recommend spending a little more... those seem like good value

    As you would expect for the price these are very basic PCs.

    Neither of them come with a CD or DVD writer so you will not be able to create CDs or DVDs. In fact neither of them come with a DVD READER so you will not be able to read a DVD or install any software that comes on DVD. Vista only comes on DVD so you would not be able to instal that.

    There is no operating system on either box so you will need to install Windows, Linux or whatever.

    The CPUs are low end so performance would be sluggish, and you could not play games as the graphics is only "on board". The hard disks are also very small at only 40Gb.

    And there is no monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers etc so you are just getting the basic system unit and will have to buy all the extras to turn it in to a working PC.

    If you want a VERY VERY basic PC for surfing the internet and little more then they may be OK, but dont expect them to do much more.

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    thanks for reply guilbert53
    i should mention i have a draw full of dvd rw's a 250 gig sata drive and a nvidia 6600 graphics card all sitting here, would adding that all in make it a better system, i dont play games i only want it to watch divx films on my tv and to surf the net and encode some vid's

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    should also mention i have a genuine xp @ home on disk
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