Can anyone chip a Wii in Bolton or Manchester area ?

    Work colleague of mine wants to chip his Wii. Can anyone out there recommend anyone in Bolton/Manchester area where he lives, or even in Coventry area where he works ?

    Any help appreciated and rewarded with rep.


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    Bowlers. - more specific:

    Thanks MinstrelMan. Rep added. ;-)

    Please keep 'em coming tho' other HUKDers :thumbsup:

    A friend of mine took his 360 to bowlers to get flashed / chipped and the nice man there killed it and totally screwed the dvd drive so that it only recognised CDs!!
    Also didn't have the decency to tell him either, and on return visits, totall;y denied there was a problem and he was too busy to look at it again! A third party confirmed that the drive had been killed!
    FYI - it was one of if not the largest stand at Bowlers.


    oh well, thats the risk you have to take getting something chipped.

    Well, this is what I tried hammering home to him before he did it!
    He also wasn't much of an xbox live user at the time, and when he used 'backed up' games on his original xbox, he wasn't one to play them to death - more of a quick go and then join the pile! So I really tried to get him to use the downloading of demos rather than risk his 360 - but he wouldn't have it! - the lure of cheap games was too much for him - he eventually paid the price though and had to cough up for a new machine - didn't get that one chipped though and now downloads all the demos he wants!!!!

    Here's an interesting article, it seems that mod chips aren't illegal in the UK.…ps/

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