can anyone dumb down quidico

    i have read the page but it gos on about usin a second browser can anyone help cheers


    using a separate browser only for quidco increases the chances of transactions being tracked and hence you getting the cashback

    I use one browser just for quidco and one for everything else.
    "Touch Wood" I have always received the quidco payment without
    a problem.
    Having said that there is really no need to do this because, if quidco
    has a problem tracking, it will tell you when you click the link. All
    you need to do then is clear all your cookies etc and try again....

    Happy New Year.......

    Original Poster

    how do u get another browser i dont under stand im no use on computers i only go on this site and poker lol

    Other browsers you can download include Mozilla FireFox & Google's Chrome...when your wanting to buy something via Quidco, just go to Quidco using one of these browsers

    "Cookies" are downloaded to your PC when you visit a if you arrive at Tesco's website from a search engine using Internet Explorer, the cookie will hold this information. Tesco uses the information in the cookie to identify how you arrived on its site also, therefore allowing it to pass on any advertising revenue to the website you arrived from (the search engine in this case).

    Because you visited Tesco via the search engine there will be a cookie on your PC. You "could" simply delete your browsing history/cookies etc from IE, but this isnt an ideal solution because you loose other history that you wouldnt want to remove, like your previous visited websites list, etc.

    The idea of using another browser is so that, should you now go to Tesco via Quidco, the "cookie" that tracks how you arrived at Tesco, is a new one, held in a different location to the one you would have downloaded when you were on Internet Explorer in the above example. Tesco now sees that you used Quidco to get to its site and can pass on advertising revenue to Quidco, to pass on to you…col

    Click that link and try firefox. I use firefox for all my browsing although you could use either just for quidco.

    You could also try ]Opera

    Or ]Google chrome
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