Can anyone find me a courier please

Found 17th Nov 2010
Guys i have never sourced a courier before but need one to collect from SL1 2JQ and deliver to my address B33 0YP the parcel weighs approx 7kg i just tried TNT but they want £35 does anyone know any cheaper and reliable not fussed on next day delivery or anything like that just as long as i get it by say next monday. thanks in advance
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depends on size but look at collect+ and myhermes?


or these? excellent
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or parcel2go.com but again you need the parcels dimensions
parcel monkey £8 upto 10kg
I use parcel monkey. They have a special offer on city link at the moment. I have never had any probs with them collecting or delivering.
I don't Why people want to use a courier, why not use the Royal mail
2kg £4.41
4kg £7.06
6kg £9.58
8kg £11.74
10kg £12.61
20kg £14.69
up to 1.5 meter in size

The rates are for any place in the uk including Northern Ireland
because a courier is half the price and collects from your home? you can send 20k for around £7. Do royal mail do that?

because a courier is half the price and collects from your home? you can … because a courier is half the price and collects from your home? you can send 20k for around £7. Do royal mail do that?

Well I guess there could be many reasons why you would want it to be collected including being lazy (although I have never enquired if they would collect it) . . But do tell me the Courier who would deliver 20k for £7 or even £10
There are many reasons why we should use the Royal Mail besides the fact as tax payers we own it
(1) They deliver everyday,
(2) the always come around the same time each day
( so you don't have to wait in wondering what time or if its going to come today)
(3) If you happen to be out they know who to leave it with, or will call back later or they will leave it at Post office
(4) For size, weight, and distance they are cheaper

So my motto is Use It or Lose it
Royal mail standard parcels does not cover the seller if the item gets lost in the post. A courier will insure for up to £50 automatically.

Royal mail standard parcels does not cover the seller if the item gets … Royal mail standard parcels does not cover the seller if the item gets lost in the post. A courier will insure for up to £50 automatically.

Send parcels up to 1.5m long and up to 20kg*
Free certificate of posting from your Post Office®
Up to £41 compensation cover included in the postage price
Up to £500 additional compensation
Prices from just £4.41 for up to 2kg
p4d are good too ...
thanks guys in the old hotukdeals days i could rep you for your help dont see that option anymore waiting for the seller to come back to me with measurements but will defo be using one of the suggestions above
ive used myhermes.co.uk/wps…CTR relly good they do alot of retail deliverers and there prices are very reasonable
iscom i can send a parcel with payperparcel fully tracked and insured 80x45x45 and i havent played about to get the biggest size they will take.. £6.89 plus VAT fuly trackable and far superior to royal mail
i use them regularly and hermes and collect+ who deliver from your local store to the recepients local store £3.49 upto 10k

and lazy??????????? why would i put it in my car and drive and park and carry a 20k parcel??
its not lazy its sound common sense lol
I looked at their web site (payperparcel) and did some quick quotes and it looks like the minimum price is £13.99 which I would agree is a good price The up side:- They will collect ( no idea at what day or time) The down side:- no idea when and what time it would be delivered
so sending a 1kg from London to Enniskillen via payperparcel would cost £13:99. . using Royal mail would cost £4.09 ok you have to go and post it, but it will arrive the next morning, the weight not only relates to the price, but also to delivery times. . Its the receiving is my problem not the sending i.e. right now am waiting a package I know the mail man as been so if it was send by Royal mail I can go out but if its send by a courier the have no idea what time he will come so a wasted day even tracking is usually updated overnight . .I have ordered ink cartridges online as late as 4pm and received them at 9am the next morning ( and I live right on the Irish Border).. so lets not undervalue the Royal Mail. . . so . .USE IT OR LOSE IT
payperpacel is £6.89 i dont know where you get £13.99 but i am guessing you wok for the post office as you have a rose-tinted view...
i have had 3 times in the last month signed for mail left on top of my outdoor post box. They do not come the same time daily...in fact this week has been all times am and pm
collect+ delivers smaller items to a local store so if you're at wok you can colect even evenings or sundays.
Its ok saying use it or lose it but its over-priced and inferior to most services i have used...and ive used a few!
Ok try sending a 1kg parcel from ME6 5FB (or from your house) to BT93 5EU , it will cost £13:99 ( which is a good price for a Courier ) but send it by Royal Mail and will cost only £4:05 ( I am quoting both websites ), and with Royal Mail it should arrive the next day, in fact you could send it standard first Class at it would cost just £3:35. . .I don't work for post office, but I do buy 95% my items via internet, and over the years the Royal Mail has been the quickest . Sure many retailers use a courier service for their convenience, not he customers and maybe they do get a good discount plus a nice Christmas present each year, but I find 99% sellers always make a profit on the P&P that they charge the customers. You only have to look at eBay sellers, who offer next day delivery and you will find 99.9% they use the Royal Mail . . .but you do get some still retailers like I did last week. I wanted to buy a Oil filter costing £5:50 I got the the check-out and the P&P was something like £6, but to top it all there was a surcharge of £12 for N.I. (Crazy or Greedy!! ) and yet I had a Laser printer (36kg), delivered from Germany for 22 Euro . .To summaries there are some good value and quick delivery Couriers about, but they not going to travel outside the main towns to collect a small parcel. .so for people who live in Rural Areas and the Highlands including N.I. . the post office is the quickest and cheapest way of sending and receiving them and as a Tax Payers we should use them before we lose them as with so many other services
thats because its NI
i didnt say i would use a courier for a 1k parcel...
ok the post office has a use and i will use for small items or NI or highlands but never if i can use a courier cheaper..
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