Can Anyone Find Me A Good Deal On A Digital Camera?

    Just looking for a decent spec camera for personal use. Dont need nothing professional really. Dont have a price range yet.

    Would be gratefull to anyone who helps. Rep awarded (:



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    Havent you checked out this one yet?


    I am also in the market for a new digicam but wanting something equally as sexy as my last (IXUS 70) which I got via a HDUK deal earlier this year. Unfortunately it broke and had to be sent back for a refund but I am still holding out for something just as good.

    It was a bargain as well so not willing to settle on that front as well as the looks front

    Gutted I missed the sony cam deal a few days ago

    This looks good and it comes with a photo printer too!…=12

    And if you use the 15% voucher code which is XX424 you can get it for £84.15
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