Can anyone find me the cheapest price for these two CDS


    At work we are doing Secret Santa and the person who I have got wants either the new Westlife Album or the Leona Lewis Album.

    I think the cheapest I can get them for is about £8.99 each. I would be really grateful if anyone could find both of them or one of them cheaper than that?


    [url][/url] 6.99 inc delivery:santa:

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    [url][/url] 6.99 inc delivery:santa:

    Oooh, thanks! I think I will get her the Westlife one then!

    Is this website / store any good? Cds all sealed, etc?…126

    Westlife £5.99 inc delivery

    Site is fine in fact there's a thread on HUKD about them at present.

    Strangely enough I have the Westlife on order for a present myself…RIT

    Leona Lewis £8.40 inc delivery

    Never ordered from these although typical Channel Island set up with phone number and contact details on site.
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