can anyone get on KZ3 beta?

    i played it at work on the PS3 there but ive got home and have been trying and keep getting error code 20002..

    everyone else getting online ok?


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    yesterday and today i have been unable to get on, just says connecting and thats it wont go past main screen

    downloaded and played mine about 1 hour ago

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    mines like ass, and it aint my connection, its giving me every error code under the sun

    i had it up and running yesterday, although it didnt have any sound?

    Same fault with me, hopefully will work tonight. Just was playing with Bots, really like it. Will be getting it. But I liked KZ2 too even thou Im a big COD fan.

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    hmm i can get on now, had error's 10002, 20002 and 20000 all day yesterday
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