Can anyone give advice on woodwork for 6 year olds! Maybe even a woodwork workshop in/near London?

    It appears my son is desperate to be an inventor, but he hasn't the skills or the idea's to back up his wishes!

    He keeps picking up wood and wanting to create something new - but I don't know where to start - I've tried pursuading him to do a bird box or planter or something - but no it's not good enough.

    He wants to build a go-kart which is quite exciting - but I haven't the skills or the time to do it with him, and believe me I'd love to!

    I've tried googling for a workshop but can't find one... I think under the right supervision and using the correct tools, he can gain experience and confidence implementing his idea's.

    Do any of you have any reasonable ideas? Thankyou in advance - of course rep for anyone who can help!


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    I should also say he saw the gadget show a few weeks back - and he wanted to make a roller coaster simulator chair!

    He lives for thrills ;-)

    Have a look on [url][/url] that would be right up his street from 5 minute makes to big project most are well written and easy to follow.

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    Thanks for that link - I shall have a look through.

    HE does already do model making, lots of arts and crafts - the normal creative kid stuff! He just wants to push it that bit further now.

    Shame my dear old dad isn't around - this would be right up his street.
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