Can anyone give me advice on this Toshiba laptop pls?

Posted 15th Sep
I don't know the first thing about tech, and a friend (who knows even less than me), is asking for my advice!

Her budget is £100 - £150-ish.

Is this Toshiba any good?

I've read on here that minimum 2GB RAM and 64GB Storage are needed..

Any advice or alternative suggestions for a laptop most appreciated!
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Its hard to recommend, 4GB of ram and a celeron processor is very basic and will be slow
Better off spending more and get a refurb with 8GB ram and decent processor
It’s not the make of the machine but the parts inside what matter, also what you are using it for...
you would get more for your money with a desktop..
Argos eBay refurbs 12 months warranty, the three I've had were brand new.…177
This one on ebay is £160 and also extra 10% with code = £144
I5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB SSD, much more powerful

Or this one similar spec for £122 with code…168

that one is much better for the same price as specs go but a bit tatty case...
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@Sandy1012@Bargainhead Wonderful help guys, huge thanks to both of you. You're a perfect example of why I love this site - community sprit is fab! I've passed your advice on to my friend, and learnt a bit more myself in the process..
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