can anyone give me any info on personalised shoulder bags?

    hello folks,

    I was wondering if any of you would be able to help me. I am looking to buy my wife a new handbag (like she needs a new one!) for her birthday. I was hoping to get one with a photo of our kids on the front but they range greatly in price from £18 up to £90 and i haven't got a clue where to start. I have found the pic that i would like to use but some places (pixum being one) say that the picture needs to be portrait where as the pic i really want to use is landscape and i want the pic to cover the whole front of the bag.

    She had said a while back that she would love a personalised bag but that was ages ago....

    you ladies (and gents) seem well versed in whats in fashion will she be frowned upon if i buy her the bag and would it be too much to go for a purse as well??

    anyone got and experience in buying one and if so can you recommend anywhere for me?

    i was swaying towards the smaller shoulder bag that has the lift up flap where the picture goes as i think that the big one would be too much. She loves her photos and i thought that it would be a good idea..... should i maybe go back to the drawing board and think again.... thankfully she's not that fussy and would be happy with anything i gave her but i wanted to give her something really nice.

    thanks in advance


    i think buying her personalised handbag is a bit cheesy and not so fashionable. im talking from a women point of view. If she is mid 30 to late 40s get her some radley.
    or why not buy her a digital photo frame wont it be better than a silly personalised bag? lol
    sorry just being straight forward

    Original Poster

    she's 29, and already has a digital photo frame along with the key ring version. Thanks for your comment perhaps i will go back to the drawing board and get my thinking cap on

    I once got my ex a bag that you could just slot photos into if you wanted to show off the kids..if not then it was just a normal bag.

    She never did put any pics in it lol


    she's 29, and already has a digital photo frame along with the key ring … she's 29, and already has a digital photo frame along with the key ring version. Thanks for your comment perhaps i will go back to the drawing board and get my thinking cap on

    weekend away just u and her that be nice to some european country eg. Paris (wala) :thumbsup:

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    nice thought but she wouldn't want to leave the kids our daughter is still breastfeeding and our daughters 1st birthday is the day before hers so she wouldn't want to miss it

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    thanks loads i'll go have a look at that link.

    very dedicated mother, ur very lucky man.
    buy her a diamond lol

    I would be mortified if my hubby bought me a bag with my kids on it. ( sorry) How about a locket with a photo in ? At least you are thinking about it though, :thumbsup:

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    lol i bought her a diamond on her last birthday thought she deserved it seeing as she'd just given birth not sure that she registered it for a few days as she was on a morphine high as she needed a section. its going to be an expensive time with them having their birthdays together.

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    the locket idea is a no go. she has a necklace that her dad bought her and that is all she will wear, she refuses to take it off and it's not the type of chain that will take a locket but thanks for the idea. i just wanted to do something different instead of the flowers/chocs/perfume/smellies/go buy yourself something route

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    in all honesty she would be more than happy to have a day out with the kids then a chinese take away in front of a dvd once the kids are in bed. shes so difficult to buy for as she never wants anything or says that she needs anything she doesn't collect stuff, doesn't have a hobby, any books she fancies she just buys, isn't really into jewellery and doesn't wear a watch and has several bottles of her fav perfume. thats why i'm a bit stuck for ideas

    what about a beauty day for her? like spa, massage, manicure ? give her a day off to relax?

    If you get a bag make it a shopper rather than a handbag. One of the online photo places is doing half price on collage photo mugs can't find the deal but it was in the last few days i think
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