Can anyone help?

    I'm not sure whether I am allowed to ask for help in this way, but I don't really know what to do and everyone seems so helpful on here.
    Over the last few days I've noticed my computer has been acting strangely, in particular when I use Google. When I do a search and click on one of the results it opens up in a new window (whereas before the window I was on just re-loaded. I've checked in the preferences section and the box is unticked for this option anyway). I'm guessing something (virus?) has made it's way in somehow. I've been scanning my pc with AVG (free) anyway, and some stuff that came up were some cookies (tracking cookie:Tradedoubler, Doubleclick, Admarketplace, Yieldmanager etc) . I've also noticed the same (dodgy) ad appearing on different sites, as if this 'thing' is able to replace exisitng ads. I've checked the installed programmes and nothing looks out of the ordinary there.
    Can anyone shed some light as to what is happening, plus suggest a solution to stop this happening?
    All suggestions would be very gratefully received.


    Have you scanned for spyware?

    It's free and will sort out any virus etc.

    ive had tracking cookies dont think its a virus i jsut deleted them

    Original Poster

    Yep - clear of spyware.

    there should be a downloaded windows malicious software removal on your pc already. try that first...

    go to Run then type in MRT and hit enter.

    note. this is a pretty basic scanner and removal tool though.

    try resetting your browser defaults as well.

    Try SUPERAntiSpyware...(thats how it's spelt by the way) daughter clicked on a pop up and my lap top didn't run at all. It's free and i've never had a problem since clears your system of anything running in the background that isn't obvious.


    Yep - clear of spyware.

    They aren't always obvious

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    Had this a couple of weeks ago, this will sort you … Had this a couple of weeks ago, this will sort you out :thumbsup:

    Thanks for that - I'll give it a go. It's always good to get a recommendation as I never know what to trust if I'm just searching myself.
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