Can Anyone Help Find RayBan RB8041 Cheap & Genuine Please

    Been trying to find some for ages. All the cheapest appear to be abroad, so most likely fake.

    I know all the signs, like nose piece, etching etc, but I'm just not 100% anymore as the last pair I saw had the world's flimsiest arms. They just felt terrible quality.

    Can anyone find them, UK Based for under £100?

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    Loads of places sell them for under £100, for example Tesco Opticians sell the main versions for £90 and below, search through opticians instead of just Google and you'll find some good deals

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    Have a look here: … Have a look here:

    RB8041 on are silly money too.

    Also, if they are fakes from them (as none appear to be from Amazon directly) - returns would be a mammoth task!

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    Tesco Opticians sell the main versions for £90 and below

    They dont stock the RB8041…041

    Its a very specific pair of RayBans im looking for. Its the only pair that offer a Silver frame with Gradient Lenses, in an Aviator style.

    I know there are lots of RayBan stockists out there, but im looking for this exact pair, preferably in the UK and for around/under £100.
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