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Found 20th May 2009
As above. dodgy computer repair chap put Vista Ultimate on my laptop and now it is asking for a product key which he said was on the disc he gave me but it isn't!
I have gone into F10 to set up but not sure how to get Vista off and put my genuine windows back on?
Thanks in advance as I know there are some computer whizzes on here who are happy to help!


Havent you got an xp backup disc and a microsoft xp key sticker on the base of your laptop?


Put disk in (I assume its XP)... ensure bios is set to boot from cd before hard disk, or go into boot menu and select cd drive.

"Press any key to boot from cd" - press soemthing. run through setup

Report repair agent.


just out of curiousity as you never bothered coming back to your other thread, did you do anything aout this

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HI Sassie I did bother to come back to my other thread and updated it?

Thanks to it'sonly me and vibeone I will have a go tho I am a numpty at anything like this!
I took Vista off my laptop and put XP on and I should have the disc here somewhere so will give this a go.
Also have reported repair agent and Trading Standards now involved as he never gave me receipts or discs or product codes and it now hiding behind his daughter in law who threatened me with her Policeman hubby - big mistake!!!!


fifitrix... press F10 maybe to get the boot menu up? then pick cd, then itll say "Press a key to boot from dvd/cd" -- press a key


make sure you format the disk as part of the install
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