Can anyone help i need to know how many square meters are in 13.3ft by 9.3ft for laminate flooring I dont have a clue?

11.386 sq metres
You can't have 13.3ft or 9.3ft

do you mean 13ft 3 inches? & 9ft 3inches?…red
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Whatever it is look at adding an extra 20% for wasteage etc
Convert into metres

13.3 ft = 4.05 metres
9.3ft = 2.83 metres

Multiply the two together and thats how you get metres squared

Answer is 11.46 metres squared
But like above id get around 13 just to be safe
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yes 13ft 3 inch and 9 foot 3 inch ive seen someone that charges £6.50 so was trying to work out how much it will cost thanks
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thank you
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am i working this out right? 13 square meters @ £6.50 a square meter?



am i working this out right? 13 square meters @ £6.50 a square meter?

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Great thanks alot for your help
You don't need as much as 20% for wastage. The most you need is one line of boards. I usually end up with nothing left over and I just round up to nearest pack size.
Depends on how good you are at laying it ^^^^

If you can't even work out area I'd suggest doubling it!!
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I'm a not laying it I am paying someone to do it, was just trying to work out what sort of price its going to be
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