Can anyone help identify this rock?

Found 18th Feb

My Daughter found this rock walking on a beach earlier, she would like to know its name as she wants to research it for school.

It's a pale pink/peach colour and quite sparkly- the other side is grey and has some colour showing through

Thanks in advance



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Looks like Quartz rock to me..
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What part of the country
South Wales - Whitmore Bay, Barry
Yes, it's Quartz.
I like your silver rug!!! Where did you get this please?
LeahsMintytoutou27 m ago

I like your silver rug!!! Where did you get this please?

It's from Next 😊
Looks really nice and fluffy/ soft. I want one so I can roll on it! Lol. I think I'll have to pass on buying one because I wouldn't allow anyone to walk on it ever
Looks like rose quartz.
Forget the rock , I'm more interested in your husband's invisible foot stool
From the state of that palm, I'd say you're going to live a long and happy life.
My mum says it looks like quartzite.
It is Rose Quartz i collect stones.
It’s a rock.
You should look up Mud Fossil University
I think it's name is...............Bob
think it’s called dwayne johnson

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