Can anyone Help me BT LAND LINE FOR BROADBAND OR NOT???

    My son has moved to a new house and he has a telephone line,there is a dial tone but they dont have a number.
    Does he have to get BT to activate the line to get a broadband account,or can he get a broadband without joining BT.
    Is there any other companies that can activate his line if he takes there broadband,and can he get like a six months deal.Its a rented house and will hanksnot be sure if he will be living there for more than 6 months.
    Or would it be cheaper getting 02 mobile Broadband PAY AND GO.
    I will be greatful for any Help and advice on this matter.


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    First of all.. ring your mobile from the landline and get the number..

    Then Ring BT to find out if they own it... and transfer the details into your name if you want to stay with BT..

    Or.. look at Sky Talk, Talk Talk, etc.. take a look at Money Supermarket to comapre phone lines and broadband costs.
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