Can anyone help me on this song and band ?? lol

    I know this sounds daft and has little info but....

    The song is by a young group (all males) and when the lad is singing he has the English flag behind him, there is also another clip where it looks like he is singing in a bus shelter

    I thot it was something like something something boy, i really like the song and was in HMV to buy the album but couldnt for the life of me remember the name of the band.

    thanks for errrrrrr any help


    what era, decade might help, what kind of music, pop, indie, house, rock.?

    Could it be Soulja Boy

    I thot it was something like something something boy! :thinking:

    fall out boy? although they are american

    ordinary boys? I don't know about their video it's a possibility though!

    not got a clue, but it did remind me of something i've been meaning to post for a bit-
    There's a boyband in New Zealand called 'Boyband' ]http//en…%29
    and much like the spice girls, they've all got nicknames, including gay boy, mummys boy, and fat boy and they seem to specialise in Def Leppard covers. Now, surely this was a Rock Profiles sketch???

    boy kill boy?

    badly drawn boy?

    Original Poster

    nah dont think it was any of them, i think there a kind of new young lad group

    Original Poster

    its kind of pop/indie

    it reminds me of something like an english football anthem, its just out i think

    Original Poster

    SUPERB !!!!! i can always count on you Emasu lol

    what a band !

    lol it didn't have boy in the title

    Original Poster

    lol i know

    i thot it was badly drawn boy......hey - what do i know !! hahaha

    this game was rubbish! its like the clues you get on 3,2,1 with dusty bin!!!!


    Just for tonight by One Night … Just for tonight by One Night Only?

    top tune! :thumbsup:

    [email protected]!
    "I want that song with them lads singin in a bus stop, please"
    no wonder you couldn't get the album!
    As Avid Merrion said: "Album? Al bum anything!"
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