can anyone help me out with a costco query ?

    hi im not a member of costco (also nearest one is like a bit of a drive) was wondering if anyone here thats a member of costco can advise me whether costco UK sell luggage? & if so what types? & are they any good? Ive read that they do their own range of luggage in the USA- thanks


    I'm a CostCo member but don't ever remember seeing luggage cases in there.

    Yes they do sell luggage. Not a wide range and like a lot of Costco items, the stock varies. The range I see most often are the large holdalls with wheels. Most tends to be casual luggage stuff. Occasionally they do sell sets of 3 soft sided cases. Have never seen very expensive hard shell type luggage there.

    If you are considering Costco membership, always try to opt for cheaper business membership (PM me for further details). This is simple to obtain.

    you could always pay for the membership and get a refund within few months if your not happy with the membership investment and that's a satisfaction guarantee from costco.

    I only pay £11 per year. Well worth it IMO
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