Can anyone help me set up my wireless?

    I just got myself a refurb laptop from PC world and I'm having a bit of trouble with my wireless, it has a RALINK RT7x wireless LAN card, and on start up the icon goes black and says "not exist", i cant get to the utilty settings or config settings, is there even a wireless card there? , as you could probably tell i know next to nothing about these new fangled thingy majigs.

    Any help much appreciated, Thanks in advance.



    First check if your card is enabled.
    In Windows XP go to Control Panel > Network Connection to see if it's enabled. If not then right click on the wirless card and select Enable.

    On some laptops (for example, Dell Vostro, or Dell Inspiron) there is a switch on side of the laptop, which you have to physically move to switch on the wirless receiver.

    I hope it resolves the problem.

    If not post with Laptop model/make and Operating system you are running.

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    Its a ADVENT 5301 on Vista home premium

    "The laptop is wireless enabled, but to use the wireless it appears that you have to manually switch it on every time you boot up."
    Thats what I find on the review about ur laptop. So it worth a try to find the switch on/off button

    My Advent [8109]has a separate button next to the main on/off button to enable/disable the wi-fi .I got mine second hand and it's very good , quick too . Some laptops need the FN key pressed at the same time as F2 or similar to enable the wi-fi .On boot-up mine dose'nt automatically switch the wi-fi on , it has to be done manually big deal though .

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    Thanks, found it, feel a bit silly now, never thought it would be on the keys, I was checking the sides and back for a switch lol
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