Can anyone help me unlock HTC Wildfire please :-) ?

    I have a new HTC Wildfire on Vodafone but need it unlocking so DD can use her O2 contract sim, can anyone point me in the right direction for unlocking this as cheaply as possible please :-) ?

    Also have a Samsung Tocco Lite which needs unlocking too if anyone can help with that too please :-) ?

    Thank you !!


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    Lol thanks but I tried Google first and read so many reviews that didnt bode too well ! I was hoping for some help from any tecchies on here who might have some decent knowledge of which is the best unlock please (_;)

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    anyone any info please ?? oO

    I'd stick it on Gumtree and buy an Orange San Francisco instead. Bigger screen, waaaaay nicer screen, faster CPU, more RAM, and considerably cheaper. The Wildfire is HTC's equivalent of stubbing cigarettes out on people too poor to afford a Desire HD.…=12

    can't vouch for them personally, but if they're recommended by modaco, they're probably legit. $20 seems kinda expensive to me though. Have a look on eBay, might be able to get it cheaper..

    P.S. Phone Vodafone and see how much they charge. Might work out cheaper to get it done directly with them. If you know anyone with a Vodafone pay monthly contract, i think they provide sim unlock codes for free to them - just get them to phone up and say they have a HTC Wildfire they'd like to unlock. Worth a shot!

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    website linked to above has a sale on 15 euros at the moment. Seems reasonable

    vodafone will unlock your phone(they send the code via email) for £19.99 and it wont void your warrenty

    if you have a contract with them they sometimes will unlock for free
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