Can Anyone Help Me Unlock SE W910i?

    I bought a SE W910i of a mate of mine but its on T-Mobile and I need to unlock it because I have an Orange simcard.

    My local phone shop is saying they'll do it for £20 but I first wanted to see if anyone here could help me

    Anyone know how to unlock it?


    think its shop only unless u wana chance it online

    Dare I say it? Try eBay. This guy seems ok

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    I'd rather get it done from the shops for £20 then paying £19 from eBay


    I'd rather get it done from the shops for £20 then paying £19 from eBay

    I agree with you.

    I always get my phones unlocked because I use an International Sim card when abroad.

    Cant help with unlocking but i'd recommend that if they can also debrand it get it done as it usually speeds up the phone as well as simplifies things by not having an option of network specific menu items especially for a network you are not using! Most places just charge a couple of quid extra for this at most, some places not at all.

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    I think its already unbranded because there are no T-Mobile icons on the menu or anything.

    Just on the actual phone theres branding but that doesn't bother me

    May be able to help. I have a brand new, unused red w910i locked to Orange. If yours is new and working fine I would be happy to exchange. You can contact me on 01425474823. Kind regards, Colin
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