Can anyone help me with buying a phone from aliexpress?

    Hi i'm looking for a mobile phone for my dad but i'm a newbie to aliexpress so could use a bit of help. He doesn't play games or use many apps just goes on google and checks his emails everyday . Will need a biggish screen (at least 5inches) and he does like to take alot of pictures so a good camera is a must. Apart from that i don't think he will need much else. Any help would be much appreciated at the moment he has a galaxy ace 3 so anything will be a big improvement . Thanks for reading.




    id suggest avoiding aliexpress for this sort of thing to be honest. for what your father needs it for there are plenty of good options locally, argos, amazon etc for sub 50 quid and all have an easily accessible warranty/refund protection should it be required.

    aliexpress is only any use if all goes smooth. shocking delivery times too. i mosty use for non electronic goods

    there was a decent enough asus posted here a few days back for 45 quid

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    LetoKynes that would help wouldn't it sorry didn't think about that budget is max £100. Rastis11 the camera is only 5mp so unfortunately that one would not be suitable.

    "aliexpress is only any use if all goes smooth"
    I would second that, based on my experience with AE.
    95% of the time they are OK. But if it goes wrong, then their guarantees and buyer protection are worthless.

    My Huawei p9 lite from ee for £129 is the nuts. For the price I can't complain

    Yeah I'd recommend something like the P9 lite. Might be a bit more expensive but it's UK warranty etc which is better buying for someone else.
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