Can anyone help me with my netbook??

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Found 25th Jan 2009
Hi, i have a acer netbook and i recorded some videos with the webcam but when i try and open the file to play it, it says:

Could not open "Video_0010.ogg". There is no installed viewer capable of displaying this document.

So i put the files on to an SD card and put it into my desktop pc (running vista) and it says there isnt a program to use, search internet for one but then it just doesnt do anything.
Can anyone help, all i need to do it play the video on either my netbook or my desktop.

Thnaks, rep will be added!!

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What file extension are the files?

You may need a certain codec or download VLC.

google is your friend...

download the vlc player (google it) and it will play the ogg files and any video or music file you need

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What file extension are the files?You may need a certain codec or … What file extension are the files?You may need a certain codec or download VLC.

On the type column it says Ogg Theora video. Im guessing thats what u mean? Sorry im useless with computers.

Repeed both of you.

try the k-lite codec pack from ]here

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Thanks all, done it now. Repped all.

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Sorry to be a pain but does now i have got this working, does anyone know how i now cut part of the video out. I need to upload it on to the internet but need to cut the 1st minuute or so out of it?
Thanks everyone.
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