can anyone help my draw is locked and i lost the key i dont kown how to open it!

    help please


    are you talking about on a desk? i suggest a drill, if that fails hammer, then sledge hammer.:thumbsup::whistling:

    an axe is good or some matches and some petrol!

    why do you wnt to open it?
    leave a locked draw locked!

    Give it a good old bash :thumbsup:

    you can open them using two paper clips (one straightened and held in place, the other you kind of poke along the barrel of the lock to engage the pins) [my terminology is just my description not expertise! but i have done it on my work pedestal]...

    If you are female, then get a professional locksmith in all the tools, gadgets etc.

    If you are male, MORE POWER TOOLS!!!!!


    see if the lock has a number on it (usually 3 digits), make a note of the 3 digits plus make of desk, go along to your local key cutters and they should be able to cut you a key according to the 3 numbers. we do it all the time at work, 3 digits from the lock as no keys available as they have been lost etc and the locksmith cuts us replacement keys.


    what kind of drawers are they?
    does the unit have a false/thin MDF back?
    you could push that through to get to the drawers.

    oh dear ...... good luck !!
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