can anyone help please

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and ive just noticed an app called "magic wallpaper" installed on it. ive never installed it and I can't seem to un install it. I can only delete it which means it will still be on my phone. The strange thing is and whats worrying me is I cant find it in my files. It seems to be completely hidden. it doesnt even come up wen you press the button that brings up everything you install on your phone. All I can say is its yellow and when pressed generates random wallpapers on your phone. Has anyone got this installed please and at least tell me if its safe or more than that can anyone tell me where its come from and how I might uninstall it. ive got cc cleaner but it doesnt find it .Thank you

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    Its yellow with a heart in the middle of it.

    Sounds like one of the many stock apps that Samsung put on there tablets and phones. As far as I know they can only be removed by rooting the phone/tablet as they cannot be removed any other way.
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