Can anyone help please? Need to find a plumber for radiator calculations :-S

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Found 31st Mar 2009
Hi everyone,

I really need some help finding someone to do a room calculation for me as I think the builder hasn't put enough radiators in my living's freezing! :-(

If there aren't enough rads then the builder will pay for the letter proving the calculations, but if they're right and the one radiator is sufficient then I'll have to pay, so really I need someone who would do it for me quite cheaply - recent redundancy so cashflow isn't what it used to be :-(

I know it's a long shot, but if anyone could recommend someone to me that would be great. (I'm in the North Tyneside area)

Thank you x


not read it all but try this page ]this page

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Thanks ding (love your avatar! lol)

I've done the calcs myself using a couple of websites but they want it from a registered plumber/heating engineer....picky eejits, but I'm determined they're not going to get away with it! grr

(Checked out the site though and according to that it's way off! brr)

If you need an official letter, you may have to bite the bullet and pay.

Firstly though, I would send them your calculations, and let them know that you are willing to get a written calculation from a registered heating engineer, but they will be liable for the costs of that too.

Edited to add:

Ask the builders to provide their calculations of too how they arrived at the BTU's for the room too.

Agreed - if from unofficial calcs it was borderline you'd get nowhere but if the result is massively out as you say then you may get somewhere or at least show them you have a case which you are willing to go further with.
Still wonder though as higher rating will reach a temp faster but the lower rating will probably reach it ..eventually perhaps giving them room to argue.

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Thanks for all of the advice guys. x

Basically the builders added another window on a north facing wall later in the design (after original drawings), which has a large impact on the calcs. They claim they also recalculated the rad requirement, but it is a 2.4 x 4.3 x 5.2 room with two large windows, a north facing wall and two exterior walls with a single panel 1400m radiator in it...when the rest of the place is toasty the living room is freezing.

Going to send them my calcs like you said thesaint and see what they say - already asked for their calcs and they wont give them to me :-(


Going to send them my calcs like you said thesaint and see what they say … Going to send them my calcs like you said thesaint and see what they say - already asked for their calcs and they wont give them to me :-(

That tells its own story.

What does the calculations tell you about the BTU's needed, and how many BTU's does the radiator they fitted output?

Find the manufacturer of the radiators website, and check, because you can't simply measure the radiator to get the output, as different rads may have different outputs for the exact same size(Differing manufacturers).

Apologies for the poor English in my 1st post.
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