Can anyone help please??.. part 3

    Good Morning all.. yet again i'm back for some Techie info from you all.
    Basically i want to connect my laptop to my tv to watch movies and listen to music. Both my Samsung lcd TV and HP laptop have HDMI connections. I have managed to get the picture on my tv screen using an HDMI cable but no sound from the tv.. Any suggestions how i can sort this please???


    Does the Laptop HDMI Output carry sound?

    Check with the Laptop Manufacturer.

    If it does, check with them on how to enable the sound output to the HDMI rather than the Laptop Speakers.

    you have to change the sound output on the laptop to hdmi output and not laptop speakers in settings:thumbsup:

    Also have a look on your sammy menu under 'anynet devices' fella :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    SORTED.. Thanks Waycash, Brownie and Franco.. Now watching a quality film on the 40 inch Sammy.. Rep given. ( even tho you're Villa and Man U fans ) PLAY UP POMPEY
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