Can anyone help please ? Problem with ipod

    Hi and thanks for looking. Anyway my problem is i have an ipod classic 80 gig with 13.5 gig of music on it and it was synched with my pc . The pc started acting slow and a few little bugs so i did a system restore . Problem is quick tunes was not installed when i backed my computer up and now i try to connect my ipod to the computer it is telling me the ipod library is synched with a different library the ipod can only synched with 1 library at a time. I dont want to erase whats on my ipod as i will not be able to replace these tunes. is there any way i can save this music somewhere before i synch with the system ? . Any help will be appreciated and rep given


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    Thanks dude:thumbsup: rep added

    I think there is quite a few free bits of software about but they seem to be good ones

    And thanks from me too!

    I wish I had seen this post - I have just had the same problem - and YEP! You know what is going to come next - I had to delete ALL of my music off the computer - AND my IPOD! So- two days (and some) later I am STILL uploading the CD's in a pinnfully slow manner.....

    Only because I couldn't find this answer no matter how hard I looked!

    So far I have got to 148 albums = 15gb... And STILL going!

    THANKS for this reply will remember it next time this happens!

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    Ipod do make it difficult dont they
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