Can anyone help transporting a large item from Liverpool to Derby

    Hi, maybe a long shot but thought I would ask.

    I have purchased a massage table from Liverpool and am due to collect it sometime next week, I need to get it back to my home in Derby. I drive a Fiat Punto. See where Im going :oops:

    Last week I collected a table from Nottingham and just managed to fit it in the car, tied down and everything, would be reluctant to drive all the way to Liverpool if this one doesnt fit. This table is electronic, hence it may be slightly larger.

    I know I can hire a van - which is what I may have to do, although I thought there may be someone who travels roughly between the two locations on a daily basis with a van/truck who may be able to help.

    Obviously I would be willing to pay for the service. If anyone is intrested or can help in anyway - possibly knowing a decent courier service who may be up for the job, then please let me know.

    Regards, Alix


    well i was going to offer to help

    before i found out you have a punto - cause thats what i drive (although it is a 4 door mk1 75 so quite big for a punto)

    i do go to derby from wigan a bit though

    Original Poster

    Thanks knewbold

    Mine is a 3dr Mk1 75 - so probably not alot in it. My dad is insisting we'll get it in, but no way will I want to drive back with him in the car if it doesnt fit

    I'll keep you in mind
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