Can anyone help - Venetian Blinds

    I have finally brought my own place and wanted to get some nice venetian blinds..any suggestions where I can can some decent quality blinds without paying the earth for them...thanks


    [url][/url] always have a sale on.

    IKEA are good value, if there is one near Bannaland that is.

    I find venetian blinds a right pain to keep clean which is why i went for vertical ones, got mine in Argos, easy to fit and hang and to clean - simply pop them into washing machine

    Order through hilarys via this link for good prices.

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    Brilliant thanks for the tip - a few people recommending these. I will take a look now

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    thanks, I will bear it in mind - just wasnt sure on styles as so much out there


    Try The Range. They have very good blinds for silly money - Good quality too
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