Found 25th Oct 2008
sorry to ask but OH has spent all day trying to mend daughters x reg corsa club, its a three cylinder 1.0 l .
the problem is that when she is driving it it loses all power then will not restart untill cooled down, there are no lights coming on anywhere on the dash . bit of a longshot, but hoping that someone might have a clue as too what it is, oh by the way he has changed the sparkplugs.
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sounds as though its overheating?
not much cop on cars but does the temp. gauge go very high?
Try ]here or ]here

Your best chance of a decent reply
the temp goes up to about half way apparently...........then cutsout
When you say no ligths come on the dash do you mean no ligths at all or no warning lights to indicate the problem
Temp halfway is indication of normal operating temperature.

When u say it loses all power do you mean engine power or a complete electrical shutdown??

If its a loss of engine power once its getting warm it could be several things. However i'de first check all the fluid levels (coolant and oil particularly) Is there enough coolant? is there enough oil? Is the oil a normal oil colour/consistency? There have been no cases of coolant needing topped up for no reason?

The reason i ask is it may be, worse case scenario, the head gasket. That said it could be something much simpler and cheaper but you need to check those things first

It may possibly be a case of the automatic choke malfunctioning. But check the things i mentioned and then we can go from there

engine power is lost, oil coolant levels all fine, not head gasket.....
and no warning lights come on .....................
right, thats good news then

i came across a post from elsewhere you may wish to read. Although the post is related to a fiesta there is no reason it couldnt be ported across.…tml

Hopefully the symptoms are the same as yours, in which case, if you read page4, it MAY be the MAP sensor. Maybe get the OH to see what he thinks of that post too

Hope you get it sorted!

my son had similar to this and was his cat on the exhaust .take it to a garage that does fault finding checks .as another friends nova also had this and it was exhaust valves. but both times the homestart did checks to see what was wrong.if covered by r a c or aa with home start then next time call them out.and they should be able to point you in the right direction
thanks bfm hope its that will look tomorrow xx
This happened to my vectra (similar engine i think)
It was some little valve that needed cleaned.
They took it out, sprayed it with something to clean it and it was cured.
I think Mass Ar Flow meter is a common failure on the Corsa's, which would give similar symptoms as what you describe, it could be that.

To test Head gasket failure, check the oil filler cap for a mayonnaise like substance, and also start the car (from cold) with the coolant tank off, and see if it bubbles, if it does either of these then that suggest the head gasket.
If you mess with the Mass air flow sensor (MAF) be careful as its a very delicate bit of kit! try the MAP sensor first as that sounds promising

water pump leak
mine done that, garage could never find the problem until i left it with them for a week and it happened to them, turns out it was a faulty temp sensor which was telling the car its warm when its not (or vice versa) which in turn affected the flow of petrol.

is it intermittant but starting to get more common? as mine gradually got worse until one morning when it wouldnt start at all
Check th epetrol pump is working we had a car that ran for months but intermittently cut out, when left to cool it ran again, tooks ages and several visits from AA and RAC to take it home, not to mention loads of new parts before someone finally realised the petrol pump was faulty.
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