Can anyone help with a tecchie issue ?

    My brother lives in USA, and wants to watch iPlayer, and the ITV equivalent.
    Problem is, as he's outside UK the websites won't let him. I know that there is a way around this, but cannot find an answer or anything.

    I know that someone out there knows all about this, just hoping we can get an answer back today as he flies back there tomorrow at silly o'clock AM.



    Need to use a proxy site...



    [email protected];3698481

    Need to use a proxy site...Google?

    Ditto above - or use software on his machine that uses a proxy.


    Ditto above - or use software on his machine that uses a proxy.

    Hi, Guv, please explain to the uneducated...i wanted to use it on holiday but didnt think i could?

    How do i do it? and if its difficult dont bother as im not technical:oops:

    search google for UK proxy servers, then when ya find one, you use the address bar on the website which will (hopefully) allow you access to iplayer

    here's a ]list of UK Proxy servers

    Click tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings, and put in the info from the list. Not all will work, just go through until you get one thats running.

    ok have saved that-rep guys thanks!


    Try Proxifier, its not free but works well
    Works well for country restricted games too.

    Hope it helps
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