Can anyone help with electric screwdrivers please?

    I want to buy a friend of mine one for Christmas, she is NOT a DIY freak but would like one for her jobs she does, I need a middle of the range one, not the ultra cheap kind that you regret when you buy it, but not a madly expensive one either.

    Any recommendations out there?? ta everyone. :oops:



    Try Screwfix/Makro unless U have access to trade suppliers like Try to s]tay away from the tiddly screwdrivers - bosch/De Walt combi drills R good as the batteries will go on, and on and on...and on..where the DIY market ones tend to have battery failures quickly...
    U can try a cheap combi drill - lightweight preferably...oh, and get her to use it correctly - buy good(top quality bits) and when using it lean into the drill and keep it horizontal or vertical to the screw - not off angle - use all her weight if neccessary - it operates and drives soundly then. But keep well balanced. If you treat these like a 'Girlie' they will strip the screw and or bit. Good luck - remember U only gets what U pays 4.

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    wow eggman thank you, I am very impressed at your knowledge, ta loads.
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