Can anyone help with my setup of my CCTV via mobile settings

Found 15th Oct 2016
Hi all

I have a standard sunluxy h.264 network dvr 4 camera system that is working OK and I have installed the CMS software on my laptop which is also working OK via Wifi.

I have downloaded 2Watch and also MobileCMS onto my Iphone 6 but I can't get it to work.

I am on SSE running a Technicolor TG589vac (Software Version 15.2) bridged to a BT Hub 5 for the wifi.

I have setup these ports on the router

Cam TCP/UDP 34599 34599

Cams TCP/UDP 6003 6003

cam2 TCP/UDP 80 80

mobile cam1 TCP/UDP 554 554

I am trying to access my camera's from anywhere on my mobile.

Not sure if this is relevant but if I put the IP address into my browser I get a blank page with hd client in the tab?

Anyone able to help? Thanks
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When you say you can't access outside your WiFi network, can you narrow it down? You realise that when viewing it on your network it will be using a internal IP which won't work outside right.
Yes if I am out and I try via my external IP address starting 195.

I can't even connect via my browser on my home 192. network?
Not sure if it's been fixed but CMS software supplied with most cheap Chinese cctv cameras was unworkable. I went down the Blue Iris (paid for) software and it's fully functional.

I'd be tempted to try a third party software (trial or free) to see if you can get the functionality you want then this would confirm that CMS is still as pathetic as it was months ago.

If you go search reviews on cctv cameras on sites like Amazon (with CMS used/mentioned) I'm pretty certain you'll find similar issues.

To add I spent many hours including live chat (and direct access through Teamviewer) with technical support and an English translator trying to fix/resolve and demonstrate the failings of CMS. i was hoping that fixes would have been implemented but going from your post I feel my time and effort was wasted (although I did get 3 free cctv cameras)

You can download an evaluation version of Blue Iris for free but it restricts the number of cameras (I think to one only) but if you can get your cctv camera fully functional on one camera then this would confirm my suspicions regarding CMS
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I have the CMS working on my Laptop on my home network OK it's on the Iphone and direct browser contact I am having issues with.

It did take me a while to get CMS working but it seams to do what I need.

Downloading blue iris lite onto iphone now- Still no connection?

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have you tried using a DNS Server?
Did you port forward? this is how my ip cam is set up. I can access it from anywhere in the world but not from the same network if my phone is connected to the wifi to [img]file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.tippingcanoe.hukd/files/Pictures/thread2528558/1476506518147_transformed.png[/img]
We gave up with Sunluxy. All instructions in Chinese and no help. We did view over mobile at times but it was inconsistent. We got so frustrated with it we went to Maplins and bought SwannView kit when on offer. Much easier and consistent viewing.
I'm no expert forgive me if saying something silly.... is each of your cams as they need to be different like 221, 222.. maybe I wrong
It sounds like you need to configure your router. When you are out and about and not connected to your home wifi network the path changes slightly in order for your mobile to connect to the software running on your home pc.

for example say your local ip address for the computer running the cams software is

and your real external ip address is (this is your ip address from your router out to your Internet service provider.

inside the network your mobile attempts to reach your ip address and as it is on the same network your router will know where that is and connect you.

however from anywhere else your ip address of will nor really mean anything as it is pretty generic and used by most routers.

basically you need to 1. find your main ip address .

then tell your router to direct traffic from your port :81 or :80 depending on your preferred connection to your destination ip address (or whatever your computer says).

it may sound complicated but is pretty easy on most modern routers.

the easiest way is to spend £50 on one of the best software packages Blueiris and once installed run its network configuration wizard. The wizard will create the rules for you and send them to your router and adjust your firewall settings on the computer to allow access.

I hope this helps.
Slight bit of progress.

The iphone app vMEye sees the CCTV system but just stay on buffering, on searching the web it looks like a I have an issue with Encode config as it seams I need 2 streams?

Ports are open, checked with port checker
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Setup dns via and the test connection is all working but still no joy?
Right I have made some progression

Using the Iphone app EZeye, port 6003 which is set as default on the DVR and the app and via wifi it is now working.
I have setup an external setting for when I am out but haven't tested if it works or not as 3g is very poor in my area.
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