Can anyone help with proprietry Daihatsu/Toyota fuses/relays?

Found 31st Mar 2009
I got a Goodmans GCE720i car stereo thanks to here ages ago which died a few months taking a few of my cars fuses with it, problem is they are proprietry daihatsu/toyota fuses/relays and I can't find anywhere that stocks them. Can anyone help?

The ones that appear to be blown are stopping the car stereo (obv) and the central locking working.

I have pics if that helps.
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This type ???

Link won't work for me, it is not a blade fuse if thats what the picture is.
I wouldn't think Dahatsu or Toyota would use anything other than standard small or large blade fuses for the stereo and c/l. Can you post a pic?
Type Toyota fuse into ebay.
I can only see blade fuses?
Search worked for me, plenty of them offered by a company within ebay shops.
Ah I see now, female Pal fuses
I reckon if that fuse has blown it will pop again until you find the fault.

Ever been to a scrapyard? Go pull a few out:thumbsup:
The fault was with the stereo which I have now removed
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